Sampson Society

KENNAWAY HOUSE The opening of the R W Sampson Room was enjoyed by 40 or so members on 22 March. David Birch, one of the Trustees with responsibility for Cultural development, welcomed us all.

COMMEMORATION OF R W SAMPSON A longer-term aim of the Society is to commemorate RWS in some tangible way. This is being discussed and your views, to the Secretary are welcome.

CONSTITUTION A proposed new Constitution is attached formalising The Sampson Society. This is for approval at our first AGM which will be held within three months of our year end of 31 August.

CONTACT For all enquiries, responses or contributions, please contact the Secretary:
Sylvia Brownlee 3 Fortfield Chambers
Station Road
EX10 8NY
Tel: 01395 514011

SOCIAL EVENTS Various ideas were discussed and we now need your input. These events are restricted to Member and one guest to avoid overcrowding. However, since the majority of couples are both members, there is some leeway. All events will be on a “first come, first served” basis, except that if an event is oversubscribed, the unlucky ones will be given priority at the next event.

Tickets for all events will be for sale at Eight’s a Wish in Church Street, proprietor Sue Readman, thus avoiding delays in distribution and postage. Our grateful thanks to Sue. Sylvia Brownlee will also have a small number of tickets for sale rather than being the main source.

SUMMER GARDEN PARTY Sunday 4th July (Time & Cost)

Tony and Sally Bentall of Burnside have kindly offered their garden, which is greatly appreciated. Bookings open on 17th May.

SUMMER GARDEN PARTY Sunday 27th June 1pm to 5pm

Tony and Sally Bentall of Burnside, Bickwell Valley, have kindly offered their garden, which is greatly appreciated. Bookings open on Mon 17th May.


We are looking for some owners to host a coffee morning for, say, 20 people with Martin and Ed in attendance highlighting aspects of the house. Venue, Time and Cost

CHRISTMAS DRINKS Sunday 12th December

Graham and Nicky Davies of Trow Hall have generously invited us to their home for Christmas Drinks (time, cost and booking date will be advised in a future Newsletter)

ANNUAL LUNCH/DINNER Sampson’s Billiard Room

THE KINGSWOOD HOTEL Friday 11th March 2011

Please return the enclosed sheet to Sylvia to indicate whether you would prefer Lunch or Dinner.

Planning Matters

The Conservation Area Statements for various areas of the town make no mention of R W Sampson.

Initially it was thought not to get involved in planning matters. However, after discussion with Councillor John Dyson, our Chairman and Vice-Chairman both now feel that we should get involved to the extent that we become an interested party and a lobbying group formally recognised by the Town Council and EDDC. We could then ask to review Conservation Area statements where appropriate. Also in Planning Appeals, we could add weight along with the SVA and the Vision Group. We are fortunate in having Edmund Harrison FRICS, Surveyor (Retired) and founder of Harrison-Lavers & Potbury’s as our Vice-Chairman. Ed has extensive knowledge of properties in Sidmouth, having been in nearly every Sampson house since he started his business in 1978.