Sampson Society


Thursday 6 October 10.30am - Appreciation Visit with Coffee. Hostess: Judi Horwood, The Hill, Muttersmoor Road, off Bickwell Valley. Please telephone Judi to book 01395 577585.

Coffee will be served on arrival at 10.30am. Thereafter, Martin Mallinson will address the group with some of his fascinating stories before having a look at the architectural features of the house.

There will be another Appreciation Visit on Thursday 3 November, host to be announced by e-mail.

Annual Lunch

This was a very enjoyable and successful occasion. Richard Eley’s speech inspired us all especially the Seven Wonders of Sidmouth and we wish we could get a copy …. He also impressed upon us that “we are all Sidmothians” whether born here or not and should take pride in, and ownership of, our town.